Describes business as a living system

When you learn to manage your business as a living system, you create an organisation that is inherently able to adapt, evolve, survive and thrive in a changing landscape.

The Escher Cycle uncovers a ‘unified theory’ of seven key activities that drive all business success.

These activities interact with one other and with the outside business environment.

The result is what scientists call a ‘complex adaptive system’:

  • It is ‘complex’ because outcomes cannot always be predicted
  • It is ‘adaptive’ because it changes over time, and
  • It is a ‘system’ because the parts are interconnected and work together as a whole.

Essentially, this means a business is a living system. Its separate parts work together, just like the body of an animal.

The Escher Cycle reveals and describes that system, and shows how to lead and manage it as a living (or ‘complex adaptive’) system.

In a fast-changing world this becomes the perfect recipe for success.

Switching the focus of leadership in this way frees up the organisation to adapt, evolve, survive and thrive — just like a living organism in a changing landscape.

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