cover-hi-resThe Escher Cycle reveals the ‘physics’ of business: the core essential activities that make the difference between success and failure in any organisation.

Clarity around what these are and how to achieve them brings three benefits:

  1. Effectiveness:
    – You focus on what matters, reducing time and energy wasted on other activities
    – You know the outcomes you need to create, and the questions you need to ask to get there
  2. Efficiency:
    – The clarity of thinking used to uncover what are the key activities is also applied to asking how to carry them out
    The Escher Cycle provides lean, powerful, scalable tools for achieving the core activities
  3. Adaptability:
    The Escher Cycle “weaves powerful tools for building competitive advantage into a compelling, holistic framework”
    – This means that whatever issue you face, The Escher Cycle provides simple scalable tools that enable you to address it quickly, effectively and efficiently, achieving a practical solution that lasts.

The resulting book has indeed been called “a unified theory of business.”

More importantly, it has also been called “A blueprint for winning any game your business chooses to play.”

You can buy The Escher Cycle here.