Experience Changes Biology

The research increasingly shows that even at a genetic level our experience (ie the actions we take) shape the design contained within our genes, in an Escher Cycle that started before we were born and continues throughout our lives:

“A cell is a machine for turning experience into biology.”

Implementing Finland’s Basic Income

Chapter 3 of The Escher Cycle includes a description of how to improve any process.

The steps are:

  1. Define what you want the change to achieve (and what you want it to avoid)
  2. Identify alternative approaches of achieving that
  3. Get input from stakeholders and choose what looks best
  4. Test it out
  5. Decide whether to go ahead, cancel the idea, or run an adjusted trial
  6. Communicate what you have decided works best
  7. Roll-out and continuously improve

This is essentially the approach that Finland have just followed in getting to their rollout of a national basic income:


As a result they are the first country in the world to experiment basic income on a large scale.

You can read more about this here.